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Calabrian Products,
distinctive quality and taste.

Using seasonal fruit and vegetables as our grandmothers
and great grandmothers taught us,
we make our preserves with care and patience.
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The Company

La Conca Agricultural Holding was founded in 2016. It takes its name from the territory where it is located in Calabria by the Serra River in Contrada Razzà, Cittanova. The love for the Earth, a strong bond with Traditions and respect for Nature represent the cultural values of this young organisation.


La Conca’s products are the result of a careful work of craftmanship.
Exclusively organic, they do not contain preservatives, dyes and artificial additives.

extra virgin
olive oil

La Conca has an area of ten hectares of olive trees, including secular trees and new plantations. One of La Conca’s highlights is its EVO oil.
This is La Conca’s essence, the driving force behind all the company’s activities.

Authentic flavours

Before modern practices of industrialization and mass consumption, food was healthier and more genuine.
We decided to introduce in the market our culinary culture, with a return to the origins and traditions of our home, Calabria. Therefore, with our products we are committed to bringing back the original flavours, without any sort of artificial substance.
Through our recipes of the Mediterranean diet, the final objective is to let Italy and the World rediscover the joy of tasting artisanal food with unique flavors and high quality.
Tropea Onions
  • Melanzane
  • Carciofi
  • Cipolla di Tropea
  • Pomodori
  • Zucchine
  • Peperoncino
  • Olive
  • Pepe
Terreno La Conca
Casa economy

Our mission is to return to the genuine food and flavours of the past. To do this, following our home economy model, we take care of all stages of production and transformation of raw materials into finished products at our company.

We do not import our raw materials and do not use fertilizers, pesticides and artificial substances that can damage the health of our customers and alter the authenticity of the flavou0r and product.

We are at

Via Bruzio, 34, 89022 Cittanova RC