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The key factor of the quality of our products is the respect of natural cycles and the choice to work with seasonal raw materials only.



Planted on the terraces of an old vineyard between April and May, our chillies are very appreciated for their color, level of spiciness and fullness. The draining soil of La Conca where they are cultivated and the exposure to the sun, contribute to make them a premium product.
Red chillies are available from the end of June until the end of November.
We transform them in our laboratory into a wide range of products. Some of these are: Peperoncini Piccanti sott’olio (Red Hot Chillies in oil), Spalmabile di Peperoncino (Spicy Spreadable), Pepper Sauce (this is commonly used inside ‘nduja), our famous Chili Peppers with Tuna and our top Sweet Chilli Jam!
Finally, proceeding to the drying of a part of Chillies, we produce our fine Ground Chilli Pepper.


Period of cultivation varies depending on the duration of the plant. We grow various types of zucchini that we then use to make our Zucchini Cream, Zucchini Stripes in oil or pesto.


We grow several types of tomatoes at our La Conca between April and May. Some of these are Costoluto, San Marzano, Piccadilly and Round Smooth tomatoes. We use them for the production of our Passata di Pomodoro. We also dry tomatoes under the sun to make our SunDried Tomatoes in oil.


In the fields of our company we also grow Tropea Onions with which we make our Bittersweet Onions and the Onion Compote.


This is the only raw material that we do not grow in our farm because of the lack of favourable climate and soil. We rely on selected Sicilian companies for the supply of them. We personally choose the size of the artichokes (first quality) and transform them into our Artichokes in oil in our laboratory located in Viale Bruzio in Cittanova RC.


Time of farming for this product is April and May. The types of aubergines we grow are Viola, Seta and Durona. They are transformed into our Giardiniere and our top products such as Sliced Aubergines with and without spice.